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UPGRADE ALERT: 07-24-2014 6:37AM EST US

TrainFinder continues to be upgraded to the 2.0 Platform...

Please Note: If you reach this MESSAGE, the upgrade of this part of the TrainFinder 2.0 Platform is not complete in your area.
UPGRADE STATUS: Following our announcement at the NMRA National Train Show (July 18-20), we are continuing the TrainFinder upgrade to the 2.0 Platform this week. The new platform contains nearly two dozen internet domains, as well as advanced responsive mobile technology to view TrainFinder on your phone or tablet. All Users, Train Dealers, Manufacturers, Train Stores, Train Shows, and TFCCA Club Members are being upgraded to the new platform during the course of the week. New signup requests for will be processed once the upgrade is complete and new domains are certified. Due to the distributed nature of the Internet, some user accounts and domains may not be visible in your area for up to 24-48 hours. Therefore, for a short period of time, you may continue to see limited functionality in some cases. We apologize for any confusion. You should see increased consistency within the entire platform over the next few days, and the full 2.0 platform in place (including all account data) by Monday July 28 at 8:00AM EST US.

Please contact us at 1-888-835-4345 or if you have questions or if you cannot log into your new TrainFinder 2.0 account. We look forward to seeing you on the new TrainFinder 2.0 platform!


Please Note: In order to view detailed upgrade status for the new TrainFinder 2.0 Platform, please login to your TrainFinder account now using the LOGIN link above. If you are current TrainFinder Member or TrainAdvantage Business Customer, your account credentials have been ported to the new platform. If you do not have a TrainFinder account, please register using the REGISTER link above for a FREE TrainFinder guest account membership.

Thank You - The TrainFinder Staff.